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Botox and Fillers at the Best Med Spa in Arlington, TN

The Skin Clinics is recognized as a top med spa in Arlington TN for its expert Botox and filler treatments. This guide will detail the procedures, outline the benefits, and explain why this clinic is the top choice for individuals seeking cosmetic enhancements through these popular treatments.

Overview of Botox Treatments

a client receiving Botox injections

Botox, a widely recognized and FDA-approved treatment, is used at The Skin Clinics to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the forehead, eyes, and mouth. The treatment begins with a detailed consultation where a skilled practitioner discusses your cosmetic goals and assesses your facial structure. This ensures the injections are precisely targeted to your needs.

During the procedure, the practitioner injects a small amount of Botox into specific facial muscles using a fine needle. The entire process typically takes about 10 minutes. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles, which results in a smoother and more youthful appearance of the skin. The effects of Botox can last up to four months, and regular treatments can help maintain the youthful appearance and prevent the deepening of lines over time.

Overview of Filler Treatments

Dermal fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®, are popular treatments at The Skin Clinics for restoring facial volume and smoothing out deeper lines and wrinkles. These fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the skin, which helps to add volume and hydrate the skin. The Skin Clinics offers a range of fillers tailored for different facial areas, including the lips for augmentation, cheeks for enhancing facial contours, and nasolabial folds to smooth smile lines.

Before the treatment, a consultation is conducted to choose the right type of filler and discuss the desired outcome. The injection process itself is quick, lasting anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, and involves minimal discomfort. Results from fillers are immediate, making the skin appear fuller and smoother right away. Depending on the specific product used, the effects of fillers can last from six months to over a year, with JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® sometimes lasting up to two years in the cheek area.

Combining Botox and Fillers for Better Results

Combining Botox and fillers offers a comprehensive solution to a wide range of aging signs. Botox is excellent for addressing dynamic wrinkles that occur from facial movements, such as squinting or frowning, whereas fillers are ideal for filling static wrinkles and restoring volume lost due to aging. Together, they deliver a more profound and satisfying anti-aging effect, rejuvenating the overall facial appearance.

Advanced Skin Analysis Technology

The Skin Clinics employs cutting-edge skin analysis technology to enhance the precision and effectiveness of each treatment. This technology enables practitioners to thoroughly assess the skin’s condition and tailor treatments to address each client’s specific skin issues. This targeted approach ensures optimal results from Botox and filler treatments, enhancing client satisfaction.

What to Expect: Before, During, and After Your Visit

a client with smooth skin and very few wrinkles

Expect comprehensive consultations and personalized treatment plans on your first visit to The Skin Clinics. The injection procedures are typically quick and involve minimal discomfort. Post-treatment, clients can generally resume their normal activities immediately, with straightforward care instructions provided for the best recovery experience. Results from Botox appear within a few days and can last several months, while the effects of fillers are instant and may last up to a year or more, depending on the type used.

Detailed Options for Botox and Fillers at The Skin Clinics

At The Skin Clinics, clients can choose from a variety of specialized Botox and filler treatments tailored to meet their individual goals. Each option is priced competitively, ensuring that clients can select the best treatment plan within their budget.

Botox Treatments

  • Price: $13.00 per Unit
  • Details: Botox treatments at The Skin Clinics are administered by skilled practitioners who focus on achieving natural-looking results that enhance and refresh your appearance. Ideal for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, and glabella (between the brows), Botox is a quick procedure, typically taking about 10 minutes with minimal downtime. Clients usually see visible smoothing of lines within 24 to 48 hours, with results lasting up to four months.


  • Price: Small – $500.00; Large – $750.00
  • Details: JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is specifically designed for lip augmentation and the correction of perioral lines, often referred to as lipstick lines around the mouth. This filler uses Vycross technology to provide a smooth, natural look and feel, with results lasting up to a year. VOLBELLA® is perfect for those who desire a subtle increase in lip volume and a smooth, line-free area around the lips.


  • Price: $750.00
  • Details: JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE® is designed to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds. This filler provides a durable solution, with results lasting up to 18 months. VOLLURE® is known for its ability to deliver a natural look and feel, which is particularly important in the highly expressive areas around the mouth and nose.


  • Price: $850.00
  • Details: Specifically created to add volume to the cheek area, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC helps restore contour and a youthful profile for up to two years, making it one of the longest-lasting fillers available at The Skin Clinics. It is an excellent choice for clients looking to lift and contour the cheek area without surgery.

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Opting for Botox and filler treatments at The Skin Clinics ensures professional care in a secure and welcoming environment. With personalized plans and advanced treatment techniques, the clinic remains the top med spa Arlington, TN has to offer. For those looking to enhance their natural beauty safely and effectively, choose The Skin Clinics.

Interested in rejuvenating your appearance with Botox and fillers? Contact The Skin Clinics today to schedule your consultation. Learn how our expertly tailored treatments can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look.